The ceremony is the heart of your day. It’s the reason for all the celebration that follows. The ceremony is the most important time of the day. It ‘s the reason for all that will follow.
While the Italian legislative process is still being implemented to allow the entry into force and implementation of the law that finally will allow same-sex couples to join civilly in Italy and Sardinia, you can count on us to honour your love and devotion to each other with beautiful and unique ceremony that reflects your personal feelings and style.

These are the ceremonies you can have in Sardinia.

Civil Partnership

We can organize Civil Partnerships everywhere in Sardinia for any nationality as we are specialised in the legal procedures and we are in contact with Embassies, Consulates and Local Administrations.
Civil Partnerships celebrated in Sardinia have legal value in Italy and throughout the world.

There is no residency requirement to marry in Sardinia. This allows you to tie the knot and honeymoon in any location without bureaucratic delays. In some cases you can arrive and marry within the same day.

Civil Partnerships in Sardinia are performed in Italian by the Mayor or a civil registrar and require an offical interpreter and two witnesses (one for each of you). The reading of the civil vows is about 15 to 20 minutes long.


Symbolic ceremonies allow you to have a ceremony which is based on your values and in which you can express your individual personality. You can make it special by writing your story, including readings and poetry that have special meaning for the two of you, honouring family and friends, and creating vows that describe the marriage that is to come. The aim of a symbolic ceremony is discovering your feelings for each other and to express them in words. No matter if it is a large celebration or an elopement, the symbolic ceremony will reflect your beliefs and philosophy of life.


If your desire is having a religious ceremony we can satisfy it with two kinds of celebrations.
The Protestant Church of Cagliari and the Ecumenical Catholic Church both fully support the LGBT equality and treat the LGBT community with respect.

They commit themselves to providing the Sacrament of Matrimony to all couples who seriously seek it, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification.